What is a face serum?

By definition, an organic face serum is a face care product that is particularly rich in active ingredients. It has a more targeted & deeper action to meet the needs that the skin may have. Thus, it is ideal for oily skins, lacking of hydration, prevention of wrinkles, reduction of spots and scars, etc.

It can have different functions, depending on its formula. It can also combine several benefits, depending on the needs of your skin. The serum can also reinforce the effects of a classic cream, if it is used in addition to the application of your cream.

sérum visage bienfaits ayda


Why use a serum in your facial routine?

Its high concentration of active ingredients allows it to alleviate skin problems (such as those mentioned above) or simply to maintain the natural radiance of your skin. Concentrated in active ingredients, this beauty elixir is also very pleasant to use since its formulation makes it a fluid care that penetrates quickly into the skin. The active ingredients of the serum will cross the different layers of the epidermis to reach the skin cells. The use of a serum in your facial routine is therefore of interest if your skin needs targeted care (which can have 2 or 3 beneficial actions on your skin). 

Why use an organic face serum?

Using a face serum is excellent for your skin, but is using an organic face serum better? At Ayda we believe that it is important to always use organic products in cosmetics. 

This will avoid you to use products which composition is not satisfactory:

  • aggressive surfactants
  • toxic ingredients for humans and the environment
  • endocrine disruptors
  • petrochemical substances that clog pores… 

The list of undesirable ingredients is long, which is why we advise you to use an organic face serum. In addition to being free of controversial ingredients, organic serum is made of organic and natural ingredients. The best natural serum is one that is made from organic ingredients and first cold-pressed oils to preserve all the benefits of the oils used. 

Contrary to a conventional serum which will only bring “superficial” results – the visible aspect of your skin -, the organic face serum will act on the surface of the epidermis (wrinkles, fine lines) but also deeper, in the dermis (dehydration, skin elasticity). The ideal is therefore to turn to an anti-aging, anti-redness serum or an organic moisturizing serum certified by certifying bodies such as Cosmebio, Ecocert, Demeter.

pourquoi utiliser un sérum visage bio

Why and at what age should I use an anti-aging serum?

It’s a question we ask ourselves as soon as the first fine wrinkles appear. But did you know that our skin starts to produce less collagen (which maintains skin elasticity) from the age of 25 ? At this age, skin tissues begin to slacken. As a result, the skin tends to be drier and more dehydrated. Your skin may therefore need a little help to slow down the appearance of signs of skin aging. If your face skin is subject to external aggressions and the passage of time, the skin on your neck and décolleté also needs attention. When you apply your anti-aging serum, also apply a dab of serum to your neck and décolleté area at the top of your bust.

Can I use a face serum by itself?

The serum can be used by itself or in addition to your day and night cream or aloe vera gel. It all depends on how you feel about your skin’s needs. At Ayda, we prefer to use our oily serum in addition to aloe vera gel, to bring both nutrition and hydration to the skin. Looking for an organic moisturizing serum? Vegetable oils will have the properties your skin needs! Julien Kaibeck, of Slow Cosmetics, discusses skin’s true hydration needs in a video emphasizing real skincare essentials.

Here is a very interesting summary of his video: “The skin is like a brick wall! Keratin cells (keratinocytes) contain water. They represent the bricks. These bricks are joined together by an intercellular cement composed of complex lipids (fat) that hold water inside.” Source: nourishing the skin from within.

The right way to apply a serum on your face

Now, with the benefits of serum in mind, let’s proceed to applying your skincare. Even more so if it is certified organic. If you apply your serum day & night, that’s perfect. But, if you can only apply it only once a day because you don’t have the time, we recommend applying it at night. For the simple reason that it is at night that the skin regenerates itself. Thus, the skin is better able to absorb all the active ingredients provided by the care products you apply to it. Take 3-4 drops of your serum in the palm of your hand. Then apply to your face, neck and décolleté gently so as not to pull on your skin. 

It is recommended that you use a skin care product that is adapted to your eye contour area, light in its formulation. If you are used to using a cream, mix a few drops of serum with it before applying it. Whether on the face, neck and/or décolleté.

routine soin visage

Focus on our organic anti-aging serum with prickly pear and neroli

At Ayda, we have developed an organic anti-aging & plumping face serum. It is made of 4 organic vegetable oils (prickly pear, jojoba, baobab, raspberry) and 2 organic essential oils. This composition helps to firm the skin while soothing it, thanks to the neroli and lemon verbena essential oils. The essential oil of neroli is positive and rebalances the nervous system. It is also an excellent skin regenerator! Lemon verbena essential oil has a calming effect on the nervous system and on skin reactive to stress. Certified organic, our anti-aging serum is also vegan and cruelty free. Also, we package the Ayda serum in a glass bottle to preserve all the benefits of its natural ingredients.

Because of its composition, it has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types, even oily skins. Zoom on the properties of the 4 vegetable oils present in the formulation:

  • the very famous jojoba oil naturally regulates the excess of sebum responsible for the “oily” aspect of the skin, perfect for mixed to oily skins!
  • the precious prickly pear seed oil brings to this organic face serum a dose of natural antioxidants thanks to its high vitamin E content
  • the moisturizing baobab oil helps to reconstitute the skin’s hydrolipidic film by providing the moisture it needs
  • the inimitable raspberry seed oil is rich in antioxidants and helps the skin synthesize melanin to protect it from the UVs we are exposed to every day

If you’re less accustomed to using an oily serum, you can also apply it with the hydrosol of your choice. This mixture will give a kind of fluid that is very pleasant on the skin.

The benefits of washable cotton pads

In this article we briefly remind you of the benefits of using washable cotton pads in your zero waste routine. But above all, we share with you our 2 tips to clean and bleach your washable cotton pads with natural ingredients!

If you are here, it is because you are surely convinced of the usefulness of reusable cotton pads. They allow you to save money while taking care of the environment… That’s why Ayda wanted to offer you washable makeup remover pads to complete our offer.

We wanted to offer you an accessory that will accompany you in your zero waste make-up removal routine. Made of organic cotton and manufactured in France, our washable makeup remover pads are made of a sponge side and a fleece side. Suitable for the most sensitive skins that need a lot of softness!

In addition to being polluting, disposable cotton pads are not very economical compared to washable cotton pads. A pack of disposable cotton costs between 60ct and 2€ depending on the brand. With an average consumption of 2 cotton pads per day, this means a budget of 25-30€ per year. Washable cotton pads last for several years if they are well maintained (about 5 years).

Our set of 4 washable organic cotton pads costs 8€, if you take two of them to be safe (16€), it represents a saving of about 110€ in 5 years!

Here are the details of the calculation: 25€ x 5 years (125€) – 16€ = 109€ saved

Saving money is good, but how do you maintain your washable cotton pads and keep them clean over time? If you have white reusable cottons, they may turn grey as they are used. Below are our tips for cleaning your washable makeup removers with natural tricks.

Cleaning stains from your cotton pads

You may have stubborn stains such as mascara, lipstick or grease stains left behind by two-phase makeup removers or your makeup remover oil. Even if your washable cotton pads come out of the machine clean, they will be a little less “pretty” than in their first months of use.

Before applying our tip to whiten your washable pads, here are some tips for removing the biggest stains:

  • clean the biggest stains in cold water with Marseille soap
  • let it dry for a few days so that the soap has an effect on the cotton
  • soak your cotton pads in our magic mixture (recipe below)

Blanchir cotons lavables

Whiten your washable cotton pads

Now, it’s time for our super mix to naturally wash your washable cottons and make them all white again!

  • put your washable cotton pads in a large basin or bowl
  • pour in 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate
  • add 1 tablespoon of soda crystals* (if there are traces of oil)
  • then a few shavings of grated Marseille soap
  • cover with 1.5L of hot water**.

*Soda crystals have degreasing properties, they also increase the cleaning efficiency of Marseille soap. A real natural 2-in-1!

**Sodium percarbonate is effective in water over 40°C.

Leave the mixture on for 24 to 48 hours before wringing out and rinsing your cotton pads. If your cotton pads are still a little stained, you can wash them with Marseille soap. Whitening them is pretty simple but they may need a little help depending on the nature of the stains.

Once the 24-48 hours of soaking are over, you can put your reusable cottons in the washing machine at 40°C with the rest of your clothes. We advise you to wash your cottons by separating the colors: white cottons with the clear laundry and colored cottons with the black or colored laundry.

Percarbonate and bicarbonate, what’s the difference?

Are sodium percarbonate & baking soda the same ingredient? No, they are not! Sodium percarbonate is used to bleach white and light-colored laundry. It is different from baking soda, which neutralizes odors and removes stains from clothes.

Can I mix white and colored cottons?

You can mix different colored washable makeup remover pads without any problem. Colored ones will not bleed onto lighter ones. On the other hand, it is preferable to separate the colors in the machine so that your white cottons remain as white as possible over the course of the washings. In this case, it is better to wash them with light colors.

Choosing Between Rose and Orange Blossom Floral Water: Which is Right for You?

When we opt for organic cosmetics, some products are not present in the traditional stores. This list includes hydrolats, as well as floral waters.

But what are these products used for? What do they allow?

How can I use them and what choice should I make according to my skin type?

Discover here all our advice for an ideal use of hydrolats.

Did you know?

First of all, it is important to know that a hydrolat is an aromatic water obtained after distillation of a natural substance also called floral water. Hydrolat is much softer than essential oil, as it contains less active ingredients: between 0.02% and 0.20%.

Which floral water should I choose for my skin?

Depending on the plant or flower used, hydrolats have different properties.

Given the wide choice available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that best suits your skin type.

Generally, we recommend choosing hydrolats and floral waters that are certified organic, 100% pure, natural, undiluted, unprocessed, unrefined, without additives or preservatives. This is always the best solution to take advantage of a quality and fully effective hydrolat.

For all skin types

The organic Damask rose water is ideal for all skin types. Its powerful, fresh and subtle fragrance brings a pleasant smell of rose to your cosmetics.

The organic rose hydrolat is known for its properties:

  • Tones the skin;
  • Anti-wrinkle and firming, it helps to restore the skin’s vigor and prevent the effects of aging;
  • Refreshing, it relieves the skin sensitive to redness and allergies;
  • Astringent, it tightens the pores and evens out the complexion.

Damask Rose is an important ingredient in beauty products. Rich in anti-aging ingredients, it accelerates the repair of damaged cells to maintain the skin’s youthfulness. Thanks to its calming action, it gently cares for the most sensitive skin.

A well-known secret of ancestral beauty, this is by far a necessity. Often used as a toner in the morning or to help remove makeup, this product helps tone the skin.

A perfect softness concentrate for delicate, damaged, sensitive and mature skin. In particular, it ensures that the skin is well hydrated.

Discover our wonderful moisturizer.

rose water

rose water

For all skin types, especially dry skins

The orange blossom brings a flowery and fruity smell to your cosmetics.

The organic orange blossom flower water is known for its properties:

  • Soothing, regenerating, refreshing;
  • Luminous, it gives radiance to the skin;
  • Soft tonic, it soothes, gently refreshes the skin;
  • It relieves skin sensitive to redness and allergies.

The flowers of the bitter orange, the most sensitive parts of this tree, emit very fine aromas. These make it possible to obtain the essential oil of Neroli, very precious. From this distillation, we also obtain the Orange Blossom hydrolat, more flexible in use. A pleasant smell, which is also appreciated in the kitchen.

As a tonic lotion, the Orange Blossom hydrosol allows a rebalancing of the pH and the flora of the skin, adapted to all the types of skin. It will restore radiance to a dull skin.

This product contributes to the toning, the revitalization and the soothing of the skin. Moreover, it is particularly appreciated by dry skins, which soothes and cleanses delicately. Its little extra? It also calms the mind and makes it easier to sleep.

Discover our sublime moisturizer.

orange blossom flower water

orange blossom flower water

How to apply hydrolat on the skin & hair?

Hydrosols have a number of benefits for the skin and hair. First of all, they make it possible to rebalance their pH. Indeed, healthy skin & hair have a slightly acidic pH, around 5.5. The pH of hydrosols is acidic: usually around 5.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to pay special attention to your skin & hair.

The hair

With dandruff, greasy hair or itchy scalp, hydrosols have interesting properties for hair care. Here is the way to use them:

  • In the wash water after shampoo, on the scalp to rebalance the pH and lengths.
  • By spraying it to refresh curls or just to perfume the hair.

For optimal use, opt for the spray pump. Practical and effective. We adopt it without hesitation.

The skin

Hydrosols have several beneficial properties for skin care. They are soothing, healing, purifying…

Here are some tips to follow to take full advantage of them:

  • In application in the morning, in spray or on a cotton pad to wake up the skin and remove the impurities of the night.
  • An application in the evening, to eliminate the impurities of the day or as a make-up remover.
  • Add the product to a face mask, mixed with clay or a vegetable powder adapted to your skin type.

Do you know our organic make-up remover pads? Come and discover them in one click.

The conditions of conservation

Please note that hydrosols are sensitive to pollution.

Our hydrosols are fresh & pure, without any preservatives. Therefore, we strongly advise you to keep them in the refrigerator and to use them at the latest 6 months after opening.

When using them, make sure your hands are always clean. If you notice a change in appearance or smell, we do not recommend its use.

To learn more about rose hydrosol, please read our article on the benefits of rose water.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will answer you with great pleasure.

The Advantages of Damask Rose Water: Unlocking Its Benefits

The precious Damask rose water (or rose floral water) has several benefits for face, hair, body but also mind. It is a must have in your bathroom! Astringent and toning, this hydrosol is perfect to prevent and fight against the signs of skin aging. In short, it is known to promote skin regeneration and deep hydration of the skin but also to tighten the pores.

Botanic name: Rosa Damascena 

INCI : Rosa Damascena flower water

Part of the plant used: fresh flowers

Method of production: steam distillation

Its perfume is powerful, fresh, floral and harmonious. Moreover, rose hydrosol is used in the composition of many cosmetics. 

At Ayda, we offer a rose water certified organic by Ecocert, labeled Cosmebio and Slow Cosmetics and without any additives.

bienfaits hydrolat de rose

bienfaits de l’hydrolat de rose de Damas

In Morocco, rhassoul face & hair masks are often mixed with Damascus rose hydrosol for its wonderful properties. The little extra? It brings a sweet smell of rose to your homemade cosmetics.

It refreshes, soothes and softens the skin. It is suitable for delicate skins, prone to redness, eczema, itching and allergies. Its positive effect on redness comes from the fact that it reduces the dilation of blood vessels. It stimulates dull skin and dull complexions that lack radiance. It gives a more luminous aspect to the skin!

Damask rose hydrosol has an anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, it soothes irritated and tight skins as well as the delicate skin of the eyes and around the eyes.

Here is the complete list of its benefits for the skin:

  • Astringent
  • Toning
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Refreshing and soothing
  • Anti-redness
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Helps hydration

For which type of skin and which use?

First of all, Damask rose hydrosol is suitable for all skin types. We recommend it in particular to mature, dry, sensitive, reactive, redness-prone, irritated or blotchy skin.bienfaits de l'hydrolat de rose

How to use it:

  • By vaporization on the face,
  • In your cosmetic preparations (masks, gels, two-phase make-up remover …).

A bit of history on the rose water

The picking of the Damask rose is generally done from April to May.

In the first place, in order to preserve their properties, the picking is done by hand, flower by flower.

Our partner cooperative carries it out at an altitude of nearly 1500 meters, in the Dades valley. According to an ancestral know-how, it is done at dawn, so the heat does not make the delicate essence disappear. The picked petals are distilled with spring water to obtain the precious rose hydrosol, rich in active molecules.

Our partner cooperative carries out all the steps to extract the precious floral water of Damask rose: cultivation, selection and distillation.

Beware of scams !

It should be noted that rose hydrosol is often mixed with additives. Thus, we advise you to check the list of ingredients because we find many floral waters of roses (and not only) mixed with conservators (organic, natural or not). However, a quality Damask rose hydrosol does not need any conservators, like ours.

Soothing Your Skin Naturally: Remedies for Eczema

Whether it is atopic eczema or contact eczema, the itching can have harmful effects on the skin, besides being unpleasant. The more it itches, the more we scratch, the more the skin is attacked, and the more lesions can appear. It is an infernal cycle!

After having tried everything, one can be tempted to look at chemical products to cure eczema. However, there are many natural tricks to soothe it and reduce its intensity.

What is the cause of eczema?

Eczema can be genetic or can depend on external factors such as allergies or stress. Eczema manifests itself in the form of red patches, dry skin, intensely peeling & itching skin. Eczematous skin is sensitive and is easily attacked by external elements. So it is necessary to take care of it much more gently and patiently. It can affect adults, children and even newborns.

Soothe the skin and eczema

Luckily, there are some natural tricks to soothe itchy skin, starting with the so-called emollient ingredients. An emollient ingredient will soften and smooth the skin, making it much more comfortable. In natural cosmetics, you can count on the following emollients:

  • Aloe vera gel: soothing, repairing, hydrating & regenerating. It gently moisturizes, calms itching and soothes the skin thanks to its freshness.

gel aloe vera bio

organic aloe vera gel

  • Oat: and more specifically oatmeal. Perhaps you have already seen “green moms” putting oatmeal in their babies’ bath to soothe their eczema? It is a very gentle ingredient that is suitable for babies, but also for adults to gently soothe their eczema. To use it, you just have to pour it in the bath (in powder if possible) or to leave it for 10 minutes in boiling water to obtain a kind of cream to apply on the skin once cooled.

  • True lavender hydrosol: soothing and healing, this hydrosol is known to calm and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells.

  • Roman chamomile hydrosol: soothing, it relieves the delicate skins without attacking them.

Nourish and strengthen the skin

Your skin also needs good nutrition. And for that, nothing better than plant-based butters and oils:

  • Calendula macerate: soothing, regenerating and healing, it repairs the skin and helps it heal deeply. Anti-inflammatory, it durably soothes sensitive & eczematous skins.

  • Prickly pear seed oil *: rich in essential fatty acids, it also contains omega 6 which helps skin repair and fights against dehydration, one of the enemies of eczematous skin.

  • Shea butter: known to relieve irritation and tightness, it can be a good alternative for soothing eczema. However, it may not be suitable for people allergic to latex because it contains a small amount.

  • Cupuaçu butter: perfect for dehydrated skin, it is helpful if you are allergic to shea butter since it does not contain latex.

  • Sweet almond oil: soothing and anti-inflammatory, sweet almond oil is one of the gentlest oils for skincare. It is also the oil that is recommended for taking care of babies skin, that’s how soft it is!

* Many of our clients have told us that their eczema has decreased after using our prickly pear oil. In addition to the omega 6, we note the presence of sterols that help preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin. It is therefore not surprising that its use also has a beneficial effect at this level!

Eczéma : remèdes naturels

Adopt a softer hygiene

Eczematous skin does not need more aggression… It already has enough reasons to get inflamed!

Therefore, prefer a cold-saponified soap, enriched with vegetable butters, vegetable oils and natural vegetable glycerin. Choose superfatted soaps (8 to 10% of superfatting). Forget shower gels because they tend to dry out the skin. Favor lukewarm showers to avoid drying and damaging the skin. And above all, space out your showers, the more you wash yourself, the more your skin is “attacked”.

For laundry, choose a perfume-free washing powder, as natural as possible. If you regularly have eczema on your hands, it may be due to the use of chemical household products. Therefore, choose natural cleaning products!

When it comes to food, it is better to limit dairy and to drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. Avoid inflammatory foods (sugar in general, processed foods, gluten, saturated fatty acids, coffee).

Calm your mind

While eczema can be genetic, or due to the skin that is very sensitive to external aggressions, eczema can also come from within. Try to adopt routines that calm your mind. Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep & frustration are not your friends. You must therefore try to calm your mind permanently. You can help yourself with essential oils by diffusing it in the air or breathing it in from the bottle.

The relaxing effect of essential oils on the mind

Did you know that the components of your cosmetics could have a positive effect on your well-being ? Particularly when they contain essential oils ! Essential oils have many benefits on your health, skin but also your mind, when they have been carefully selected. Essential oils can thus relax and relieve stress.

When applied on the skin, essential oils will pass through your body to help you relax, and will have a positive effect directly within your skin tissues. To get even more benefits from essential oils, you can inhale your skincare products when applying them on your skin. Instead of applying your products as usual, without thinking about it, rub your hands together with a few drops of product.

Cup your hands below your nose and inhale the relaxing essential oils.

When a skincare product contains essential oils, its molecules will lift up your nose and soothe your mind. This is why we add essential oils to our products whenever it’s possible. Our anti-aging face serum for example, contains neroli essential oil while our waterless and moisturizing face cream contains ylang ylang essential oil and jasmine absolute.

7 huiles essentielles relaxantes et anti-stress

7 relaxing essential oils

Which essential oils use to relax ? Which essential oils help fight against stress and anxiety ? We will list in this article the properties of 7 essential oils.

1. Jasmine essential oil

Latin name: Jasmimum grandiflorum

Jasmine essential oil, which is actually jasmine grandiflorum absolute, is known as “the night queen”. Did you notice the enchanting fragrance in the streets when the sun is down ? Jasmine has the ability to fill the air with its enchanting fragrance, warm, floral, comforting and soothing.

Also, jasmine is rare, and its delicate flowers are handpicked to preserve its odorant properties. Jasmine essential oil – or jasmine absolute – is known to help being optimistic and to sooth the body and mind.

It is advised in case of stress, anxiety and bad mood. Relaxing, it enables soothing tension and promoting sleep, perfect if you use it before going to bed !

You can find this essential oil in our moisturizing face cream.

Important: it is not recommended during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, and not recommended for children under 7.

2. Ylang ylang essential oil

Latin name: Cananga Odorata

Ylang ylang essential oil has many cosmetic properties, we can actually find it in the composition of many skincare products. But it also has many benefits on the mind. As jasmine essential oil, it has a floral and voluptuous fragrance. It is the sort of fragrance that is easily recognizable !

Ylang ylang essential oil calms nervous tensions, relieves stress, restlessness, irritability and mood swings. It also fights against sleeping disorders and momentary blues cases. It is also well known for its aphrodisiac virtues !

You can also find it in our hydrating face cream.

Important: it is not recommended before the 2nd quarter of pregnancy and for children under 7.

7 huiles essentielles relaxantes et anti-stress

3. Lavender essential oil

Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia/officinalis or lavandula vera

Lavender essential oil is one of the most renowned essential oil to soothe the body, skin and mind. Its aromatic molecules will do a lot of good to your mind. Soothing and relaxing, it is advised to relieve blues moments and anxiety. It is advised to help recover from hard times and to help the mind rest. It can be used pure on wrists, inhaled whenever you need it.

Important: it is not recommended before the 2nd quarter of pregnancy and for children under 3. If you are breastfeeding, ask your practitioner.

Citrus essential oils help fight against the stress

Let’s now have a look at citrus fruits with bergamot, orange, petitgrain and neroli essential oils. You will actually notice that the latin names of these essential oils all begin with the common denominator “citrus”.

Important: citrus essential oils are photosensitive, one should not have sun exposure after using them on the skin. It is also important to use them when diluted with vegetable oils, and not pure on the skin.

4. Bergamot essential oil

Latin name : Citrus bergamia

Bergamot essential oil is ideal if you need relaxing, well-being and a little help to sleep. The molecules contained in this essential oil helps lowering down blood pressure and stress. They act positively on the nervous system and help soothe the mind. The citrusy fragrance of bergamot essential oil makes it very pleasant to use.

Important: it is not recommended during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, and not recommended for children under 7.

5. Orange essential oil

Latin name : Citrus sinensis

Calming, soothing and anti-stress, orange essential oil helps sleeping and brings joy. It is recommended in case of anxiety, depression, mood swing and burn out.

Important: it is not recommended before the 3rd quarter of pregnancy and for children under 3.

6. Petitgrain essential oil

Latin name : Citrus aurantium

Calming and relaxing, petitgrain essential oil soothes the mind and calms nervous strain. Also known as bitter orange essential oil (citrus aurantium in latin), it is ideal for irritability and mood swings. It is the essential oil of “emotion”, perfect to feel well and serene. It helps fight against stress and to have a feeling of comfort.

Important: it is not recommended before the 2nd quarter of pregnancy and for children under 6.

7. Neroli essential oil

Latin name : Citrus aurantium ssp amara

Did you notice the common point between petitgrain essential oil and neroli essential oil? They are part of the same plant, which explains the common denominator “citrus aurantium” which corresponds to the bitter orange tree. Petitgrain essential oil is obtained from bitter orange leaves while neroli essential oil comes from its flowers. Which means this essential oil is more rare and precious, and has a higher price.

Its properties are very effective on the nervous system. It has nearly the same properties as petitgrain essential oil, but they are way multiplied in neroli essential oil ! It is then perfect to soothe the mind. Besides having a voluptuous and enchanting fragrance, neroli helps reequilibrating the nervous system. This essential oil relieves anxiety, helps relaxing and sleeping.

You can find it in our anti-aging face serum.

Important: it is not recommended before the 2nd quarter of pregnancy and for children under 6.