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Waterless, Vegan, Organic Face Cream 1 fl. oz.

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To complete your skincare routine, discover our 1st waterless face Cream.

Mainly composed of aloe vera juice and Damask rose water, Ayda organic face cream deeply moisturize skin.

Very hydrating, aloe vera juice and rose water add to Ayda organic cream active ingredients for your skincare routines. Enriched with argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and raspberry seed oil, our cream is also filled with two relaxing essential oils to soothe skin: jasmine and ylang ylang.

Filled with active ingredients, Ayda organic face cream protects and repair skins to give it softness and elasticity.

ECOCERT COSMEBIO Vegan Slow Cosmétique

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* : organic ingredients

89% of ingredients come from organic farming. 100% of the total is natural certified. COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard available on

Ayda organic face cream

anti-aging face cream

Organic face cream with Aloe Vera juice, Argan oil and shea butter

Our organic cream has been formulated with carefully selected ingredients for their benefits on skin. Ayda face cream contains aloe vera juice (moisturizer), rose water (toner), argan oil (natural anti-aging), unrefined shea butter (nourishing and protective), jojoba oil (regulates sebum production) and raspberry seed oil (antioxidant, it also protects from the sun’s aggressions).

In addition, our organic facial treatment contains two anti-stress and relaxing essential oils : jasmine and ylang ylang.

A cream without water at last!

Ayda day cream hydrates, firms and protects face skin. Better protected against external aggressions, but also better hydrated and nourished, the skin is naturally more toned and firmed. Preventing sagging skin, loss of elasticity or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles requires regular hydration of the skin. Therefore, we chose to use aloe vera juice and damask rose water to deeply hydrate the skin.

Its formula enriched with argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and raspberry seed oil provides all skin types with all the nutrients they need. Ayda organic face cream is the ideal daily moisturizer for all skin types, day and night. The skin is plumped up, dry areas nourished and fine lines smoothed.

Its fine and light texture quickly penetrates the skin without oily effect and it is suitable for all skin types.

Tips for using Ayda face cream

When to apply the cream?

Morning and evening, apply Ayda face cream alone or after our anti-aging face serum. Thus, the aloe vera juice filled in face cream makes it possible to associate it with face serum so that they act jointly with the various skin layers.

How to apply it?

To apply our organic cream after our face serum, first cleanse your skin with cold soap and rose water. Your skin will be ready to receive your care.

Then, without drying your skin, apply 2 to 3 pressures of Ayda face serum in the palm of your hand. After that, heat the oil by rubbing your 2 hands quickly, then gently massage your face for 1 to 2 minutes. Apply day and night a dab of waterless cream to face, neck and neckline.

You can also use Ayda organic cream alone. For this, apply a small amount of organic face cream morning and evening to face, neck and neckline, previously cleaned. Finally, make circular massage until complete absorption.

Ayda organic face cream

face cream benefits

Composition of Ayda organic face cream for a better anti-aging skincare routine

Ayda face cream is made from aloe vera juice, damask rose water, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, raspberry seed oil, jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils. Each ingredient has been chosen to bring specific benefits to your day and night skincare routine.

Day and night face cream rich in natural organic active ingredients

Aloe vera juice

Extracted from the fresh leaf, native aloe vera juice is rich in nutrients for the skin. It deeply moisturizes, regenerates, protects, soothes and stimulates healing.

Damask Rose Water

Astringent and tensor, Damask Rose Water is known to fight against the signs of skin aging. Invigorating and refreshing, rose hydrolat softens the skin. It is also suitable for most delicate skins to sooth it.

Argan Oil

Rich in vitamin E and unsaponifiable, Argan Oil is one of the quintessential anti-aging ingredients! Nourishing, restorative and regenerating, argan oil softens the skin.



Jojoba oil

Close to human sebum, Jojoba oil softens and soothes tight and dry skin.

It also has the particularity of nourishing and balancing dry and oily skin. Suitable for all skin types, jojoba oil is known to be an all purpose natural cosmetic oil.

Unrefined shea butter

Protective and softening, shea butter deeply nourishes the skin and restructures damaged skin. It relieves tightness, boosts collagen production and has a healing action.

Raspberry seed oil

Rich in omega 3 and antioxidant, raspberry seed oil is perfect for your anti-aging skin care routine. Also, ideal for sensitive skin, raspberry oil brightens skin and prepares it for tanning. Raspberry seed oil helps the body to synthesize melanin to protect it from UV rays.

The thousand and one nights organic Face Cream

Ayda organic face Cream also made from essential oils of jasmine and ylan ylang. An exceptional blend with captivating scents.

Jasmine essential oil

The sweet, floral and captivating scent of jasmine makes it an ingredient of choice for naturally perfuming cosmetics. Jasmine essential oil is known to calm body and mind.

Ylang ylang essential oil

In addition to its voluptuous scent, ylang ylang essential oil is known for its tonic and regenerating effects. Also, the ylang ylang essential oil calms nervous tensions.


33 reviews for Moisturizing face cream 1 fl. oz.

  1. French

    Uma A

    je l’utilise le soir. rendu nickel le matin

  2. French

    Emma J

    j’adore la composition. Le rendu est top!

  3. French

    Léna K

    j’aime bien l’odeur et la texture

  4. French

    Delph 72

    ma peau est plus apaisée

  5. French

    Amira L

    Hydratation profonde, cette crème bio offre douceur et souplesse

  6. French

    Lina N

    assure une hydratation parfaite et envoûtante

  7. French

    Malik E

    bon produit. parfait pour ma peau

  8. French

    Lise S

    j’adore son odeur de jasmin et ylang-ylang

  9. French

    Amelie B.

    Crème riche et légère à appliquer.

  10. French


    Nourrissante et revitalise la peau

  11. French

    Jess G.

    ma peau est plus douce

  12. French

    Priya 92

    très bon produit

  13. French

    Amina G

    Riche en nutriments, cette crème garantit une peau douce et souple

  14. French

    Nia D

    hydratation parfaite et resplendissante

  15. French

    Clara H

    ma crème préférée en hiver comme en été

  16. French

    Mya F

    parfait pour hydrater la zone de T (j’ai la peau mixte)

  17. French

    Olivia 91

    je valide

  18. French

    Tessa A.

    ma peau est moins sèche

  19. French

    Ana G.

    Creme tres agréable, parfum delicieux

  20. French


    Seule mais surtout après le sérum elle apaise ma peau et l’hydrate pour la journée. J’ai une peau mixte et j’avais beaucoup de mal à trouver la crème hydratante idéale. C’est fait! Et son parfum me rappelle mon enfance !

  21. French

    Olivier B.

    Bonne crème, bonne compo, légère

  22. French

    Violaine B.

    Bonne odeur! Texture un peu liquide.

  23. French

    Danlos Laetitia

    J’ai enfin trouvé ma routine cosmétiques 100% naturelle ! Accompagnée du sérum, cette crème est un pur bonheur olfactif et sensoriel qui nous fait voyager.
    Ma peau revit, douce, hydratée et repulpée.
    Merci pour votre disponibilité, vos précieux conseils et votre transparence.
    Je souhaite une longue vie à Ayda.
    J’espère qu’il y aura prochainement un soin contour des yeux !

  24. French

    Amandine F.

    Une très bonne crème à la composition excellente. Elle est cependant très légère, parfaite pour l’été.

  25. French

    Nadine P.

    Crème très agréable, ma peau adore !

  26. French

    Françoise N.

    Beaucoup de confort et une peau rebondie.

  27. French

    Olivier B.

    bon produit léger , odeur agréable , non grasse pas tjs assez nourrissante

  28. French

    Amel E.

    Je l’utilise depuis peu, mais elle est très agréable à utiliser, elle n’est pas trop riche, la composition est parfaite. Mais surtout son parfum de jasmin est délicieux. C’est un vrai plaisir de l’utiliser.

  29. French

    Isabelle D.

    Très bon produit,pénétre vite,odeur agréable ,efficace au niveau de la fermeté ,petit bémol tout de même ,difficile d’accéder au fond du flacon pour le vider,un peu de gaspillage!!!

  30. French


    Son odeur est délicieuse, un véritable plaisir à mettre sur sa peau qu’elle tient hydratée. Cette crème est riche mais ne graisse effectivement pas la peau (j’ai une peau très grasse).
    Mon amoureux aussi a été séduit par cette crème qui a fait des merveilles d’hydratation sur sa peau un peu sèche.
    Seul bémol, le fond du flacon est inaccessible, il reste du produit qui ne pourra pas être utilisé et cela est très dommage.

  31. French

    Marie-Ange P.

    Crème très hydratante, agréable pour l’été.

  32. French


    Il faut l’essayer pour le croire
    Je suis conquise
    Merci à vous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. French

    Fabienne PUJO

    Texture et senteur parfaites ! Non grasse mais néanmoins très riche. Ma peau est hydratée et réveillée. Après le sérum repulpant, ma peau est aux anges !

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