The care beauty routine from Morocco

Oriental beauty care routine

The oriental beauty hammam care routine is waiting for you ! A hot and relaxing hammam opens its door to you, a nice smell of orange blossom and argan oil floats in the air… So wherever you are, hammam can be improvised even in your bathroom !

Board with us for a journey in Morocco with this beauty ritual.

The hammam & natural care tradition is passed from mother to daughter, like a precious legacy. It is probably what makes the beauty of Moroccan women.

In addition, “hammam” means “that spreads heat” in arabic. A good reason to crave curling up in a warm and comforting mist.

Argan oil for your body care routine

Then, after the scrub, the skin is ready to receive further care. And not least since, for body care, the precious argan oil is the perfect oil to nourish the skin & leave a silky effect. Argan oil, also called “liquid gold”, also nourishes the hands & strengthens brittle and damaged nails. High in vitamin E & unsaponifiable, it is a must-have for a hammam care routine.

However, before massaging their skin with argan oil, Moroccan women sometimes spray floral water, above all of damask rose or orange blossom. They apply the hydrosol on their body for the feeling of freshness or just for the smell.

Huile d'Argan bio et pure Ayda

Ayda organic and pure argan oil

Black soap and kessa glove exfoliation

We start our care routine with black soap, which is often enhanced with eucalyptus essential oil. Black soap enables to exfoliate and get rid of the impurities of the skin. It usually comes as a smooth paste made from olive oil & crushed black olives.

After getting coated in black soap, Moroccan women exfoliate their wet skin with the Kessa glove. It removes the remaining dead cells, activates blood circulation and reduces orange skin. Therefore, it may seem a bit aggressive if you are not used to it. You can then soften its action by using it with the black soap.

savon noir routine hammam soin beaute du Maroc

black soap from Morocco

Rhassoul for fine hair

To wash their hair naturally, Moroccan women use a clay with multiple uses: rhassoul (or ghassoul). Moreover, it can be used as well on the hair, as the body as the face. It is a clay that makes the skin soft and the hair supple and shiny. Thus, used on the hair, the rhassoul gives it a silky aspect, brings it volume and facilitates the disentangling.

So, here is a simple recipe to make a shampoo according to the hammam beauty routine of Morocco: mix 2 tablespoons of rhassoul with a bit of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of argan oil.

Then, after this shampoo, Moroccan women nourish their long hair with argan oil that gives shine and brightness to dry and tired hair.

rhassoul routine hammam soin beaute du Maroc

Rhassoul – Clay from Morocco

Rhassoul for your skincare routine

After hair and body care, let’s pamper the face with rhassoul! An essential part of the skincare routine for oily skins.

Rhassoul can be mixed with orange blossom or Damask rose hydrosols, and after 5 to 10 minutes of use, the skin becomes soft and supple. Moreover, it is also naturally remineralizing and stimulating for the skin.

Thus, it enables deep cleaning of the skin thanks to its absorbing power. Used on the face, it is useful in case of clogged pores, acne, oily skin or impurities.

It can be found in pieces or as a fine powder, ready to be used.

Damask rose and orange blossom waters

Damask rose water (or hydrosol) is used as a toner and gentle cleanser. It refines the skin texture, refreshes, moisturizes, tones, soothes, purifies and firms. Moreover, it can be used by all skin types, in particular mature, irritated, reactive and blotchy skin, and even babies!

Moreover, orange blossom water can be used for the same beauty ritual, just before applying the oil. In addition to its characteristic and sweet smell, the orange blossom hydrosol is astringent and softening.

Thus, it prevents the appearance of brown spots and is also suitable for all skin types, as well as babies’ skin, provided that it is 100% pure, natural (or organic) and obtained by steam distillation, like Ayda’s.

These two hydrosols will provide a sensory environment typical of the hammam care routine of Morocco.

eau de rose routine hammam soin beaute du Maroc

Rosa Damascena from Morocco

Prickly pear seed oil, the best natural anti-aging

If there is one effective and natural anti-wrinkle it is this one: the prickly pear seed oil obtained by pressing the seeds. First of all, it is rich in linoleic acid (60% omega 6 and 20% omega 9), and it is rich in sterols and vitamin E (1000mg/kg).

Consequently, it firms, tones, regenerates, repairs, softens and protects the skin. In other words, it gives a natural lifting effect.

Prickly pear seed oil is an essential part of the skin care routine for mature skin.

huile figue barbarie routine hammam soin beaute du Maroc

prickly pear seed oil

Argan oil, and anti wrinkles for dry skins

Above all, the other oil very appreciated in Morocco for its anti-wrinkle virtues is the argan oil, rich in omega 9. Thus, it nourishes, protects, repairs, regenerates, firms and softens the skin.

Moreover, argan oil has a strong antioxidant power and repairs the skin after external aggressions. So it is a perfect ally to revitalize your skin.

Finally, we recommend it for dry, mature, dehydrated and chapped skins.

The khôl : the unmissable of the eastern routine

Finally, to perfect this moment, oriental women use kohl which is both a beauty product and a care. It gives a smoky and mysterious look. Moreover, the kohl protects the eyes from external aggressions such as dust or pollution.

Thus, it is the final point of the traditional hammam routine of Morocco.