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Organic face serum, why use it in your natural routine?

pourquoi utiliser un sérum visage bio

What is a face serum?

By definition, an organic face serum is a face care product that is particularly rich in active ingredients. It has a more targeted & deeper action to meet the needs that the skin may have. Thus, it is ideal for oily skins, lacking of hydration, prevention of wrinkles, reduction of spots and scars, etc.

It can have different functions, depending on its formula. It can also combine several benefits, depending on the needs of your skin. The serum can also reinforce the effects of a classic cream, if it is used in addition to the application of your cream.

sérum visage bienfaits ayda


Why use a serum in your facial routine?

Its high concentration of active ingredients allows it to alleviate skin problems (such as those mentioned above) or simply to maintain the natural radiance of your skin. Concentrated in active ingredients, this beauty elixir is also very pleasant to use since its formulation makes it a fluid care that penetrates quickly into the skin. The active ingredients of the serum will cross the different layers of the epidermis to reach the skin cells. The use of a serum in your facial routine is therefore of interest if your skin needs targeted care (which can have 2 or 3 beneficial actions on your skin). 

Why use an organic face serum?

Using a face serum is excellent for your skin, but is using an organic face serum better? At Ayda we believe that it is important to always use organic products in cosmetics. 

This will avoid you to use products which composition is not satisfactory:

  • aggressive surfactants
  • toxic ingredients for humans and the environment
  • endocrine disruptors
  • petrochemical substances that clog pores… 

The list of undesirable ingredients is long, which is why we advise you to use an organic face serum. In addition to being free of controversial ingredients, organic serum is made of organic and natural ingredients. The best natural serum is one that is made from organic ingredients and first cold-pressed oils to preserve all the benefits of the oils used. 

Contrary to a conventional serum which will only bring “superficial” results – the visible aspect of your skin -, the organic face serum will act on the surface of the epidermis (wrinkles, fine lines) but also deeper, in the dermis (dehydration, skin elasticity). The ideal is therefore to turn to an anti-aging, anti-redness serum or an organic moisturizing serum certified by certifying bodies such as Cosmebio, Ecocert, Demeter.

pourquoi utiliser un sérum visage bio

Why and at what age should I use an anti-aging serum?

It’s a question we ask ourselves as soon as the first fine wrinkles appear. But did you know that our skin starts to produce less collagen (which maintains skin elasticity) from the age of 25 ? At this age, skin tissues begin to slacken. As a result, the skin tends to be drier and more dehydrated. Your skin may therefore need a little help to slow down the appearance of signs of skin aging. If your face skin is subject to external aggressions and the passage of time, the skin on your neck and décolleté also needs attention. When you apply your anti-aging serum, also apply a dab of serum to your neck and décolleté area at the top of your bust.

Can I use a face serum by itself?

The serum can be used by itself or in addition to your day and night cream or aloe vera gel. It all depends on how you feel about your skin’s needs. At Ayda, we prefer to use our oily serum in addition to aloe vera gel, to bring both nutrition and hydration to the skin. Looking for an organic moisturizing serum? Vegetable oils will have the properties your skin needs! Julien Kaibeck, of Slow Cosmetics, discusses skin’s true hydration needs in a video emphasizing real skincare essentials.

Here is a very interesting summary of his video: “The skin is like a brick wall! Keratin cells (keratinocytes) contain water. They represent the bricks. These bricks are joined together by an intercellular cement composed of complex lipids (fat) that hold water inside.” Source: nourishing the skin from within.

The right way to apply a serum on your face

Now, with the benefits of serum in mind, let’s proceed to applying your skincare. Even more so if it is certified organic. If you apply your serum day & night, that’s perfect. But, if you can only apply it only once a day because you don’t have the time, we recommend applying it at night. For the simple reason that it is at night that the skin regenerates itself. Thus, the skin is better able to absorb all the active ingredients provided by the care products you apply to it. Take 3-4 drops of your serum in the palm of your hand. Then apply to your face, neck and décolleté gently so as not to pull on your skin. 

It is recommended that you use a skin care product that is adapted to your eye contour area, light in its formulation. If you are used to using a cream, mix a few drops of serum with it before applying it. Whether on the face, neck and/or décolleté.

routine soin visage

Focus on our organic anti-aging serum with prickly pear and neroli

At Ayda, we have developed an organic anti-aging & plumping face serum. It is made of 4 organic vegetable oils (prickly pear, jojoba, baobab, raspberry) and 2 organic essential oils. This composition helps to firm the skin while soothing it, thanks to the neroli and lemon verbena essential oils. The essential oil of neroli is positive and rebalances the nervous system. It is also an excellent skin regenerator! Lemon verbena essential oil has a calming effect on the nervous system and on skin reactive to stress. Certified organic, our anti-aging serum is also vegan and cruelty free. Also, we package the Ayda serum in a glass bottle to preserve all the benefits of its natural ingredients.

Because of its composition, it has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types, even oily skins. Zoom on the properties of the 4 vegetable oils present in the formulation:

  • the very famous jojoba oil naturally regulates the excess of sebum responsible for the “oily” aspect of the skin, perfect for mixed to oily skins!
  • the precious prickly pear seed oil brings to this organic face serum a dose of natural antioxidants thanks to its high vitamin E content
  • the moisturizing baobab oil helps to reconstitute the skin’s hydrolipidic film by providing the moisture it needs
  • the inimitable raspberry seed oil is rich in antioxidants and helps the skin synthesize melanin to protect it from the UVs we are exposed to every day

If you’re less accustomed to using an oily serum, you can also apply it with the hydrosol of your choice. This mixture will give a kind of fluid that is very pleasant on the skin.