organic prickly pear seed oil

Organic and pure Prickly pear seed oil – 1 fl. oz.

Ayda organic prickly pear oil, extract from seeds, is a powerful skincare allies which can mitigate a lot of skin issues, from wrinkles to skin diseases.

For an effective and natural skincare routine, organic prickly pear oil provides all essential natural active ingredients. Above all, it is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. So, it will help to protect your skin from free radicals and promotes hydrolipidic retention of the skin.

In addition, prickly pear seed oil is suitable for sensitive, dry, combination and oily skin. Also, it is particularly recommended for mature skin thanks to its content of vitamin E. In other words, it is a perfect ally for face, neck and neckline.

ECOCERT COSMEBIO Vegan Slow Cosmétique

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* : organic ingredients

100% of ingredients come from organic farming. 100% of the total is natural certified. COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard available on

Ayda organic prickly pear oil rich in Omega 6 and vitamin E

A care oil collected directly collected

Above all, barbarian figs are collected by our partner female cooperative in Morocco. Then, the women of the cooperative wash and then peel the figs before separating the pulp from the seeds. The seeds are then pressed in order to extract the precious Ayda care oil.

Also 100% certified organic, Ayda skincare oil is analysed in an independent laboratory to confirm all the virtues. On the other hand, once in France, it is again analysed by our partner laboratory. Thus, it allow us to ensure the perfect quality of our organic fig oil. Moreover, we guarantee the origin of our skincare oil through a direct relationship with our partners.

A prickly pear seed oil rich in natural active ingredients

In this regard, it is mainly rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals, which make it an ideal ally for your anti-aging skincare routine. Besides, its rate is 100mg per 100 grams.

Likewise, it is rich in Linoleic acid, also called Omega 6. With a rate of 61.60%, Omega 6 protects the epidermis of the face to strengthen its hydrolipid barrier. In fact, it maintains its hydration at a good level. Therefore, fig oil is suitable for mature skincare routines.

Finally, it is rich in oleic acid, with a rate of 21%, and sterols, with a rate of 1000mg per 100 grams. Also known as Omega 9, oleic acid promotes elasticity in the skin. As for sterols, its level is 1000 mg per 100 grams.

Prickly pear seed oil certified, labelled and packaged in France

In addition, it is certified organic by  Ecocert Green Life, labelled Cosmebio, Vegan and supplied with the Slow Cosmétique Mention.

Also, for a better preservation of fig oil, it is packaged in glass bottle. It should be noted that the bottle is fitted with a pump to facilitate its application.

Tips for using Ayda organic prickly pear oil 

Ayda reveals its secrets to you

First, let’s start with some application tips. In order to nourish and protect your skin, organic prickly pear oil is an ideal ally. To start, wash your face with argan cold soap. Then apply rose water on your skin to toned and moisturize your skin.

Finally, without drying your skin, take 1 or 2 pressures in the palm of your hand. After that, you need to heat the oil by rubbing your hands quickly together for about 3 seconds. So, it can penetrate the skin more easily. Following this, it only remains to gently massage your face for 1 minute.

Evening skincare routine

It should be noted that this skincare routine is to be preferred in the evening, before going to bed.

Indeed, it is at night that the cell renewal process is most effective. During the day, our skin fights against all external aggressions: pollution, sun, cold, stress … It is when we are at home, sheltered from all these aggressions, that our skin regenerates best.

Therefore, it is more expedient to use fig oil at this time.

Our little tips and more

Prickly pear oil to mix

Indeed, it can both be used alone or mixed with other cosmetic bases.

First of all, it can be combined with your beauty masks to energize your skin. For example, it can be combined with rhassoul to revitalize the skin on your face.

Also, you can apply 2 tears of fig oil to your usual cream. Consequently, you will enrich your cream with the natural active ingredients that compose it.

Some conservation tips

Firstly, like all oils, it keeps better in glass or stainless steel. As a result, prickly pear oil oxidizes less quickly and better preserves its properties.

Then, always for better conservation, prefer an airtight container. Therefore, Ayda fig oil is contained in a closed bottle with pump. In this way, the air penetrates the bottle just a bit and slowly oxidizes the oil.

Finally, we advise you to keep organic prickly pear oil away from light and heat.

Responsible approach

Experienced cooperative 

First and foremost, with more than 10 years of experience, our partner cooperative has mastered its production methods to extract the precious organic prickly pear oil Ayda. So, it carefully selects the fruits to extract the precious prickly pear seed oil.

In this, we have noted family traditions transmitted for several generations to farm prickly pear. Therefore, we accompanied our partner Cooperative so that it obtains the sanitary authorizations for export.

Ayda partner women’s cooperative  

It should be noted that almost 50 women are taking care of the proper functioning of the Women’s Cooperative. For example, they are looking after the administrative management, harvesting the fruits and working the seeds to obtain the precious Ayda prickly pear oil.

Did you know?

It should be noted that a prickly pear can contain 50% of juice and about 4% of seeds. From a seed, on average 3% of oil is collected from its weight.

Therefore, it takes more than 1 ton of prickly pears to produce 1 litre of pure oil. In other words, 30 kilograms of seeds are extracted from the fruit to provide 1 litre of oil.



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