Perfect tan! Our natural after sun beauty routine

After sunbathing, for a perfect tan, no matter how long the exposure is, it is essential to take care of your skin. Indeed, during each exposure to the sun, the skin is subjected to oxidative stress. This stress causes skin dryness and dehydration. It also accelerates the premature aging of the skin.

That’s why, through this article, we propose a complete 100% organic post-tan beauty routine. The beauty routine that we propose is composed of our care.  Thus, it preserves your skin & the tanning durably thanks to the excellence of the Ayda cares.

routine de beauté pour un bronzage parfait

Gently cleanse your skin after sun exposure

In order to rid your skin of the day’s residue (sun cream, sand, dust, pollution, etc.) and sebum secretions, the first essential step is to cleanse it.

First of all, avoid using a sulfate-based cleanser that is too aggressive and stripping for the skin. Thus, we advise you to use our organic cold-saponified surgras soaps. Enriched with argan oil and shea butter, our soaps soften and nourish the skin. Indeed, their richness in glycerin, shea butter, and 1st cold-pressed vegetable oil soothe the skin weakened by the sun.

For sensitive, reactive & allergic skins, prefer our Argan-Shea cold-saponified soap. It does not contain essential oils, is certified Nature et Progrès, Vegan & Cruelty Free and has the Slow Cosmetic Mention. We have specially designed it for sensitive skins, pregnant women and children under 3 years old.

Rebalance & purify your skin after the sun

After gently cleansing your skin, use our organic rose hydrosol to rebalance its pH. After tanning, our high quality floral water tones and refreshes your skin. It also stimulates the skin’s cellular regeneration.

In addition, once a week, we recommend you to make a rhassoul mask. By mixing it with hydrosol, the clay mask purifies & cleanses the skin. Thus, it unclogs the pores that tend to be clogged by sunscreens. It should be noted that a purified skin is more receptive to the other cares that you offer it.

rhassoul routine hammam soin beaute du Maroc

Rhassoul ou Ghassoul du Maroc

The second essential step, a soothing and regenerating treatment

At this stage of your after-sun beauty routine, it is time to soothe and boost your skin. In short, the objective is to moisturize, nourish and stimulate cell regeneration after your tan.

For this, we invite you to combine our argan oil with our organic prickly pear oil to soothe and revitalize your skin. Indeed, this synergy of organic vegetable oils offers your skin a high content of omega 9, 6 and vitamin E.

This duo of very high quality oils reinforces the cutaneous barrier weakened by the solar aggressions. Thus, it supports the cellular regeneration of your skin and enables it to face the daily external aggressions.

huile d'argan et huile de figue de barbarie

huile d’argan et huile de figue de barbarie

Before tanning, protect yourself anyway!

Your skin is now ready for a good night’s rest. While you sleep, your skin will continue to work as cell regeneration takes place at night.

Lastly, we will finish these after-sun beauty tips by reminding you that it is essential to protect yourself during sun exposure with a high protection organic sunscreen without nanoparticles. And of course, it is essential to treat your skin after each exposure to the sun in order to preserve its “youth” capital.

routine de beauté pour un bronzage parfait 1