Organic Argan oil and pure Ayda Cosmetics

Thanks to its multiple uses, Argan Ayda oil is an essential skincare product for your beauty routine. Indeed, it is ideal for face, body, hair and nail care. In addition, Ayda Argan oil is pur and organic.

Argan active ingredients

First, pure Argan oil is made up of around 75% unsaturated fatty acids. On the one hand, it has a level of omega 9, or oleic acid, from 43 to 49%. On the other hand, it contains 31 to 36% linoleic acid, also called omega 6.

Omega 9 improves the elasticity of the skin while omega 6 limits water loss from the skin. Linoleic acid, on the other hand, regulates sebum production.

Then, argan oil is rich in vitamin E and sterol. More specifically, it has rates of 60mg / 100g and 130mg / 100g respectively. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps the skin fight skin aging. Thus, it prevents free radicals from attaching to our skin in order to limit its aging. Regarding sterols, they improve the skin’s skin barrier and stimulate cell membranes. Thus, the skin dries less easily thanks to the sterols which fix its hydration.

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Face skincare routine

Restorative and nourishing for the skin, it is an ideal treatment for your evening skincare routine.

Also, it strengthens the skin to protect itself from external aggressions, such as cold or temperature variations. Uses for hair Concentrated of benefits for dry hair, it nourishes and revitalizes them by bringing them shine and softness.

In addition, it is recommended for dull, brittle hair as well as for damaged ends.

Argan oil for nail care and body care

It is particularly used by pregnant women to strengthen skin elasticity. Thus, it helps prevent stretch marks related to rapid weight variation. Thanks to its omega 6 content, it helps to heal the skin. Finally, it is ideal for strengthening fragile, soft or brittle nails.

Fair trade and organic Argan oil by Ayda

Certified organic by Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio, pure Argan Ayda is collected by our partner cooperative in the Taroudant region of Morocco.

Without intermediaries, we pay it at its fair price, set by cooperatives from the region. It should be noted that it is analyzed in the laboratory in Morocco and then in France in order to confirm its properties. Then, it is packaged in Auvergne in an organic certified laboratory by Ecocert.

How argan oil is extracted

Also, Argan Ayda oil is collected by our partner women cooperative in the Taroudant region of Morocco. Argan nuts are harvested from trees to recover the precious almonds. Then they are pressed to extract the precious care oil.