Argan and coconut milk solid shampoo for normal hair – 100g

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Cold saponified solid shampoo for normal hair, handcrafted in France, certified Nature & Progrès and Vegan

Ayda solid shampoo for normal hair is made for the whole family. Indeed, it is made without any surfactant, silicone, sulfate, or essential oil. 

We carefully selected noble & natural ingredients to create our natural shampoo, biodegradable and cold saponified. It gently cleans, nourishes and sheathes the hair without leaving an unpleasant waxy effect.

With an olive oil base, we enriched the Ayda shampoo with castor oil, babassu oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, coconut milk extract and white clay.

Finally, it is 100% vegan.

Our solid shampoo is also available for oily hair and dry hair.


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oily hair shampoo benefits

shampoing solide bio cheveux normaux bienfaits

Argan & coconut cold saponified shampoo

To gently wash normal hair and strengthen it, we formulated a solid shampoo specially adapted.

Thus, on an olive oil basis, to maintain the brightness of the hair, we enriched our shampoo with white clay (gently cleans), castor oil (stimulates the growth), cocoa butter (hydrates), babassu oil (fights dehydration), argan oil (gives brightness and radiance), coconut oil (protects and nourishes).

Hurray for solid shampoo!

Solid shampoo is an essential of the zero-waste cosmetics. Indeed, liquid shampoos packaged in plastic bottles are easily accessible in our local shops and are consumed in majority. Thus, the pollution created by the use of this type of product at the global scale generates significant damages to the environment.

Moreover, one solid shampoo substitutes approximately three plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, which represents significant savings.

Shower gels are also involved in this massive contamination. This is why we advise you to use solid soaps (preferably cold saponified) to gently wash your body.

So do not wait any longer. Move on to zero waste!

See our cold soap argan & shea (for sensitive skins).

See our cold soap argan & verbena (for normal skins).

How to use Ayda solid shampoo for normal hair

How to wash the hair with a solid shampoo?

To start, rinse your hair to get it wet. The solid shampoo is water free, so it will facilitate the application.

Next, rub the shampoo between your hands to make it foam and rub it on your scalp. Massage your scalp until you have a good foam and spread the foam on your lengths. Finally, wash your hair with clear water.

In addition, we advise you to frequently brush your hair so you can spread the sebum from scalp to tips. The sebum being a lipid that nourishes and protects the hair, you remove the excess produced by you scalp and you spread it on the rest of your hair.

Adjustment time of the hair

Switching from an industrial liquid shampoo to a solid shampoo can take some time. We can estimate this time to about one month.

During this transitional phase, your hair gets used to the product change and especially the lack of aggressive surfactant and silicone. Your scalp then naturally regulates its sebum production until finding a good balance.

Finally, we advise you to wash your hair only once a week.

Bienfaits rhassoul en poudre visage et cheveux

Silicones and surfactants in shampoos

Surfactants are highly used in shampoos for their combined functions. First, they make shampoos clean your hair, often superficially, making it foam. Even though natural surfactants exist, the majority of those used in shampoos, especially industrial shampoos, are aggressive for the hair and the scalp.

Also, surfactants are used in liquid shampoos to assemble water and oils or butters. This is called an emulsifying agent because it enables to generate an emulsion by assembling water and an oily agent.

Next, industrial liquid shampoos contain silicones that cover the hair to give it a superficial brightness. To do so, they cover the hair until suffocating it and create a kind of shield that limits the access of active ingredients needed to nourish the hair.

Formulation of our solid shampoo for normal hair with natural ingredients

Our natural shampoo is made of olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, babassu oil, argan oil, coconut milk extract and white clay. We selected each natural active ingredient in order to nourish, gently clean and brighten normal hair.

Cold saponified shampoo rich in organic and natural active ingredients

Olive oil

It is known to protect the hair and make it shine. It nourishes and soothes the scalp.

Castor oil

This plant-based oil is your hair’s best friend ! It strengthens the hair, nourishes it, sheathes it and favors its growth. Because of its affinity with the cold saponification method, castor oil allows our solid shampoo to foam well on your hair.

Babassu oil

Babassu oil, being protective, creates a natural foil on the hair. It has a great affinity with hair fiber because it is rich in lauric acid. Babassu oil boosts fragile and devitalized hair.

Cocoa butter

Nourishing & protective, it gives hair vitality. It preserves the natural hydration of hair and makes it shiny and soft.

Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed soil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acid, in vitamin E and omega-3, so it is very appreciated both in cooking and in cosmetics for its benefits on the skin. It nourishes and brightens the hair, especially curly hair.

Argan oil

This precious oil is the secret for the shiny hair of Moroccan women ! It nourishes, strengthens and brightens the hair. It also helps fight hair loss.

White clay

White clay, also known as Kaolin clay, gently cleans the hair and strengthens hair fiber.

Softer than green clay, it naturally regulates the production of sebum for a smooth balance of the scalp. High in minerals, it gives hair softness & volume.

Coco milk

Coconut milk has a great affinity with hair ! It deeply nourishes, softens and brightens the hair. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is known for its protective and repairing benefits.

One considerable asset : it is contained in the formula of many detangling cosmetics because it straightens and naturally detangles the hair fiber, preventing the hair from being damaged or broken.

A responsible approach

Our cold saponified solid shampoo is certified Nature & Progrès. This means that our production method and the selected ingredients are checked by an independent organization in order to verify our natural & eco friendly approach.



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  1. French

    Nadège A.

    très bon shampoing solide. je l’utilise aussi pour ma peau

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