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Pur and natural Rhassoul clay – 100g

Clean and cleanse your skin and hair with Ayda pur and natural rhassoul clay.

Rhassoul clay is ideal for softening and refining the grain of combination, oily and dry skin. It absorbs oil and have an exfoliating effect. Using rhassoul on the t-zone will cleanse your skin. Also, the famous moroccan clay is a perfect ally against oily hair.


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Ingredients (INCI) : 100% MOROCCAN LAVA CLAY*

* : natural ingredients

COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard available on http://COSMOS.ecocert.com

Ultra fine, pur and natural rhassoul clay 

Also written “ghassoul”, rhassoul clay is an essential ingredient of beauty hammam routine. Suitable for all skin types, it is a mineral moroccan clay with multiple virtues and uses for skin and hair care.

Rhassoul clay has a neutral PH used in Morocco for several generations to cleanse, soften and purify skin and hair.

In addition, to facilitate its use, it is ultra fine. So you can easily mixed it with rose water or mineral water to compose your own cosmetic face mask.

For better conservation, it is packaged in a glass jar with wide opening. Thus, you can easily dose and take full advantage of natural rhassoul benefits.

Extracted in the Boulemane region in Morocco, it cleanse skin and hair by acting as a magnet for impurities. Also, a rhassoul mask will absorb impurities to make your skin soft and clear. Mainly composed of lithium stevensites (more than 90%), it is a saponiferous clay with multiple natural properties.

This essential care of the oriental routine is suitable for all skin types: combination skin, oily skin and dry skin. But also for all hair types: oily hair and dry hair.

Tips for face using

Moroccan clay is ideal for all skin types. Also, for a purifying natural mask, mix in a bowl 1 tablespoon of rhassoul and 2 of rose water.

Then mix the preparation until you get a enough thick paste to spread it on your skin.

Finally, apply the mixture on your face in a thick layer and leave on for 4 minutes. Before the ghassoul dries, remove the largest with a wipe or cotton. Then rinse your face with water.

For personalized care, depending on your hair and skin type, you can combine moroccan clay with vegetal oils, essential oils, aloe vera or other ingredients. For example, to hydrate and nourish dry hair, you can add argan oil to the mixture.

Tips for hair using

First of all, you need at least a bowl, a spoon and flower water or mineral water. In addition, to avoid altering the properties of rhassoul and ingredients you associate with it, we recommend using a wooden or plastic spoon.

Perfect for a weekly hair care routine, moroccan clay is the quintessential ingredient to have in your bathroom. In terms of its application, nothing could be simpler!

First, you just need to mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons of rhassoul, 2 tablespoons of rose water and a little of mineral water. Mix with a spoon until you get a slightly thick paste.

Beforehand, to facilitate application of clay, comb or brush your hair to untangle it. Then apply the paste on the roots then massage as for a shampoo. After the scalp, to well spread ghassoul, gently rub your hair from the roots to the tips. For a hair mask, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes using a hairnet. You can also rinse directly.

Finally, to remove clay residue, you can use a comb during the rinsing phase.

Rhassoul clay for all skin types

For dry skin, combination skin and oily skin, the precious gray moroccan clay offers multiple uses.

Firstly, rhassoul can be used to simply wash your body. Indeed, it detoxifies skin by capturing impurities to naturally wash your body and face.

In addition, the precious it cleanses skin and tightens the pores. Also, you can mix rhassoul with rose water to obtain a face mask to refine the grain of combination to oily skin, but also soften dry skin.

Rhassoul for all hair types

Unlike conventional shampoos that contain sulphate and silicone, rhassoul clay does not grease hair. Due to natural minerals, wash your hair with rhassoul degreases oily hair and stimulates dry hair.

For these reasons, applying a rhassoul clay mask to your hair once a week will allow you to space out your shampoos.

In addition, it is surfactants free. Therefore, it doesn’t attack the scalp and doesn’t generate itching.

Also, rhassoul clay restores vigor to brittle hair and it is ideal for washing sensitive hair.


Ayda ghassoul origin

It is extract extracted from quarries in the Boulemane region of Morocco.

Firstly dried, the extracted clay is naturally cleaned with water and filtered to remove impurities. Then, it is spread over a large surface to obtain a thickness of less than 1 cm.

Next, ghassoul is dried and broken into pieces. A part of it is then preserved to be consumed in small pieces and the other part is transformed into powder. Thus, it is treated naturally to retain all of its properties.

In addition, in view of perfecting our selection process, we guarantee you a pure, ultra-fine rhassoul, natural certified by ECOCERT.

rhassoul masque visage

Conservation advice

For better conservation, Ayda natural rhassoul is packaged in France in a glass jar with wide opening. Thus, you can easily dose your preparations, including that it’s more ecological.

In addition, it has a cover to avoid contamination through uses.

We recommend to keep it away from light, humidity and air. So, remember to close jar after each use. It can be stored up to 18 months after first opening.

Did you know?

Rhassoul is a natural clay whose name comes from the Arabic word “rhassala”, which means “to wash”.




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