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Organic Face Serum – 1 fl. oz.

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Suitable for all skin types, Ayda Face Serum makes skin look firmer. Also, to soothe and plump your skin, it is concentrated in organic prickly pear seed, neroli and verbena oils.

Ayda Face Serum combines 6 Added-Value ingredients for anti-aging skincare routine: organic prickly pear seed, jojoba, baobab and raspberry see oils. Those ingredients work together to improve skin ton and reduce wrinkles. In addition, it soothes skin thanks to Neroli and Lemon Verbena essential oils.

ECOCERT COSMEBIO Vegan Slow Cosmétique

Practical informations

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* : organic ingredients

99.5% of ingredients come from organic farming. 100% of the total is natural certified. COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard available on

Organic plump Face Serum for all skin types

Ayda Face Serum was designed based on many feedbacks collected in France and Belgium. For this reason, thanks to you, we have created a high quality Serum which combines 6 vegetable and essential oils for a natural anti-aging skincare routine.

In addition, it is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have oily, dry, or mixed skin, it penetrates and moisturizes deeply your skin.

Ayda Serum is also organic certified by Ecocert and approved by Cosmebio. Also Vegan and Slow Cosmétique, it is manufactured and packaged in France (Auvergne) in a glass bottle. Furthermore, to facilitate the use of Ayda Serum in your face skincare routine, it is packaged in a glass bottle fitted with a dispensing pump.

Ayda face serum ingredients

face serum ingredients

Some practical tips for your skincare routine 

When to apply?

Firstly, we advise to apply Ayda Serum in the morning to protect your skin. Thus, the serum tones and plumps your skin to start the day.

Additionally, to repair and regenerate your skin, apply it at night when your skin is resting.

How to apply?

To begin with anti-aging skincare routine, clean your face with a cold saponified soap to nourish and soften your skin.

Then, apply over your face rose water to prepare your skin to absorb the Serum.

Thereafter, apply a small amount of Ayda Serum in the palm of your hand and rub them. Thus, the serum more easily penetrates your skin.

On wet skin with Rose Water, gently massage your face for 1 minute. Let your skin rest and act all the benefits of Ayda Organic Face Serum.

Ayda face serum benefits

face serum benefits

Composition of Ayda Face serum

First, let’s examine the content! In order to create Ayda organic Face Serum, we have selected noble, natural and exceptional ingredients. Then, we combined 4 vegetable oils with 2 essential oils. Ayda Serum is made up of Prickly Pear Seed, Jojoba, Baobab, Raspberry vegetable oils and Neroli and Lemon Verbena essential oils (in order of predominance).

Ayda Plump Face Serum made with 4 organic vegetable oils

Organic Prickly pear seed oil

Firstly, Ayda Face Serum is mainly composed of the precious prickly pear seed oil. Extracted from seeds, prickly pear oil is a dry oil. Also, prickly pear seed oil is rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant to carry out your anti-aging skincare routine. In addition, it is enriched with natural Tocopherol, perfect for mature skin.

Organic Baobab oil

Secondly, Ayda Serum is composed of organic Baobab oil, a vegetable wax close to human sebum. Due to its composition rich in Omega-9, Baobab oil helps the skin to restore its hydrolipidic film. Thus, it is ideal for protecting the epidermis from dehydration by covering it with a lipid film.

Organic Jojoba oil

Then, to improve skin elasticity, we have combined Ayda Serum with organic Jojoba oil. Overall, Jojoba oil softens and soothes tight, dry skin.

Organic Raspberry oil

To conclude on its composition in vegetable oils, it is made up of organic Raspberry seed oil. Above all rich in Omega-3 and antioxidant, Raspberry seed oil is perfect for your anti-aging skincare routines. Also, ideal for sensitive skin, Raspberry oil brightens skin and prepares it for tanning. Raspberry oil helps the body to synthesize melanin in order to protect itself from UV rays.

Ayda Plump Face Serum made with 2 Organic essential oils

Secondly, the youth plump filler face Ayda is composed of Neroli and Lemon Verbena essential oils.

Organic Neroli Essential oil

First, Neroli essential oil is extracted from the precious Orange Blossom. Its relaxing and subtle scent makes Neroli EO an essential ingredient in Ayda Plumping Serum. Indeed, the essential oil of bitter orange flower tones the skin barrier of dry and wrinkled skin.

Organic Lemon Verbena essential oil

Finally, Ayda Face Serum gives off a lemony odor thanks to the essential oil of scented verbena. More specifically, lemon verbena is an exceptional antioxidant to protect your skin. In addition, lemon verbena gives off a subtle and soothing scent.


8 reviews for Anti-aging face serum 1 fl. oz.

  1. French


    très bon produit. odeur très agréable de fleur d’oranger et verveine. pénètre bien la peau. je l’utilise pour ma routine du matin

  2. French

    Rachelle P.

    Très efficace, fait son job et pas besoin d’en mettre beaucoup. Contente de mon achat. Rien à dire Produit que je garde précieusement.

  3. French

    Rachelle P.

    Produit conforme à sa description.une goutte suffit largement pour la journée. Pour le prix n’est pas donné mais, je pense que tout est dans les ingrédients et aussi dans la fabrication du coup je fais très attention pour en avoir un peu plus longtemps que possible. Ma peau du visage à tendance grasse et acnéique est nettement plus lumineuse, surtout que je l’ai associé avec du Romain verbénone et du tym sclaré. Je ne suis que satisfaite de mon achat. Merci AYDA…

  4. French

    Fabienne PUJO

    Totalement fan ! L’odeur, la texture…un moment bien-être ! Ce sérum nous laisse le temps de masser notre visage avant de sentir sa pénétration en laissant notre peau veloutée. Je l’utilise le matin avant la crème visage Argan Karité Jasmin. Délicieux !

  5. French


    Complètement addict. J’aime beaucoup l’effet repulpant hydratant sans rester sur la peau. Le sérum s’absorbe très vite. Le parfum naturel fait voyager tous les jours.

  6. French

    Marie-Ange P.

    Je suis ravie de cet achat, sérum hydratant, repulpant, je le racheterai.

  7. French

    catherine p

    agréable à utiliser, pénètre bien et laisse la peau douce.

  8. French

    Valerie D.

    Produit vraiment top. Odeur très agréable. Pénètre bien la peau en utilisant au préalable de l’eau de rose comme préconisé.

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