Organic and pure damask rose hydrolat

Ayda rose hydrolat tones and nourishes the skin for your morning care routines. Also, rich in antioxidant, it is an ideal treatment for your anti-aging beauty routines .

Pur and certified organic, Ayda rose water is obtained after a single steam distillation. Thus, it has no impurities and does not need to be combined with preservatives.

In addition, for optimal conservation of the virtues of floral water, Ayda Damascus Rose water is packaged in a glass bottle.

Thanks to a relationship without intermediaries, we guarantee the origin of organic and pure Ayda rose hydrolat.

The Roses Valley, source of Ayda organic rose hydrolat

Ayda pur and organic Damask rose water is obtained by steam distillation of Damascus Roses. It is in Roses Valley in Kelâa M’Gouna region in Morocco that women’s cooperative harvest the precious flowers.

Then, our partner Cooperative performs a single distillation of the Damascus Rose in order to obtain a superior quality hydrolat, free from impurities and which does not require a preservative.

We are also carrying out additional laboratory tests and analyses, aimed at perfecting our selection process. With our partner Laboratory, we guarantee quality products, certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio.

The origins of the Damascus Rose Valley of Morocco

It is in the magnificent Valley of Roses in Morocco that pilgrims imported the precious Damascus Rose. Several centuries ago, pilgrims from Morocco traveled to Mecca via Syria. They imported the Damascus Rose to Morocco, which adapted wonderfully well to the soil and climate of the Valley of the Roses.

It is exclusively women cooperative who harvest and distill the precious Ayda floral water. Also, the harvest and distillation of the Damascus Rose takes place between the end of April and the beginning of May.

Ayda organic floral water application tips

Organic rose floral water is ideal for your facials and as an ingredient for your home cosmetics (treatment masks) and many other treatments for your well-being.

For a daily skincare routine, apply 4 sprays with the spray to your face. Then 3 tears of prickly pear oil or 2 of organic argan oil in the palm of your hand. It only remains to heat your hands and then perform a gentle massage on the face, neck, eye area and décolleté.

Use in the morning or in the evening.

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Did you know ?

It takes about 1 kg of rose to produce 1 litre of damask rose hydrolat.