Ayda organic fig oil

The famous organic and pure Ayda prickly pear oil is obtained by pressing seeds extracted from prickly pears. It is from our partner women’s cooperative in Morocco that we collected this precious youthful oil.

Packaged in France by our partner laboratory, it is rich in natural active ingredients. Thus, prickly pear seed oil is ideal for your targeted care, facial, eye contour, neck and décolleté treatment. Of high quality, organic and pure Ayda fig oil is rich in active ingredients. This is why, it represents a natural anti-aging to nourish, hydrate, heal and firm your skin.

Benefits organic prickly pear oil Ayda

It has a rate of 61.6% in Linoleic acid, also called Omega 6. This active ingredient allows the skin to regenerate better and fights against skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Then, it has a rate of 21% in Omega 9, which is called oleic acid. This active ingredient improves the elasticity of the skin and promotes healing of the skin.

Also, fig oil has a very high level of vitamin E, which is called Tocopherols. With a rate of 100mg / 100g, it represents the richest antioxidant dry oil. It should be noted that this active ingredient fights against aging of the skin, which makes it a valuable anti-aging product.

Finally, prickly pear seed oil contains a high sterol content of 1000mg / 100g. Thus, sterols promote hydrolipidic retention of the skin. In other words, sterols allow the skin not to dehydrate so that it retains its water.

We are also carrying out additional laboratory tests and analyzes, aimed at perfecting our selection process. With our partner Laboratory, we guarantee quality products, Ecocert certified and Cosmebio labeled.

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