Argan oil skincare and haircare benefits

huile argan bienfaits visage et cheveux

Argan oil benefits

Argan tree history

First of all, argan oil comes from the argan tree which is a thousand years old ! Well-known in Morocco, it glees its inhabitants…and goats. The latests are fond of argan tree fruits, and if you happen to cross the road of this tree, you will have a chance to see goats perched on its branches. You can find the argan tree in South-West of Morocco, in the High Atlas region.

chèvres arganier

goats eating the fruits of the argan tree

Did you know?

The argan tree helps slow down desert growth in arid areas of Morocco. It then enables maintaining good levels of humidity and soil fertility for agriculture.

Vegetable argan oil is used for its cosmetics and culinary properties. When used in recipes, and thanks to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps protect the cardiovascular system.

Argan oil’s ID

Latin name :  Argania spinosa

Origin : Morocco (Souss Valley)

Part of the plant : argan fruit

Production method : cold-pressed fruit

How is argan oil made?

The argan tree fruit contains one to three nuts, also known as “amandons”. But how to obtain this precious oil?

Nuts’ peeking is done during the summer by moroccan women. They dry the argan fruits under the sun, take off the flesh and crush nuts’ shells to extract the little nuts. 40 to 60 kilos of argan fruits are necessary to obtain 1 liter of oil. The argan tree plays an important role in this arid region of Morocco as argan oil production is the only women’s source of revenue… We advise you to choose an organic argan oil, 100% pure and natural.

noix d'argan

argan nuts

Let’s have a look at argan oil’s components

If it’s that reputed, it’s because of its precious ingredients ! Composed of mostly 75% of unsaturated fatty acids*, it also has high levels of vitamin E and sterols.

*31-36% of linoleic acid (omega 6) and 43-49% of oleic acid (omega 9)

You will find below the cosmetic properties of its components :

Properties of unsaturated fatty acids : nourishing, protecting and regenerating, they help the skin recover its natural glow and prevent premature skin ageing. Omega 9 are great for skin elasticity while omega 6 diminish skin’s water loss and regulate sebum production.

Properties of vitamin E : antioxidant, it helps fight against cells ageing

Properties of sterols : improve skin barrier function and microcirculation, slow down skin ageing, and stimulate cell membranes.

Argan oil benefits

It has many benefits for skin and hair. It’s an oil that can be found in many cosmetic products. Particularly adapted to dry skin, it is also adapted to mature skin, dry and brittle hair, but also to soft and brittle nails. Its levels of unsaturated fatty acids are good for the health of skin and hair. It is also recommended to relieve skin irritations, eczema or psoriasis.

List of its benefits :

  • Strengthens nails and eyelashes
  • Slows down skin ageing
  • Repairs chapped and cracked skin
  • Releves eczema and psoriasis
  • Strengthens fragile and brittle hair
  • Nourishes dry hair
  • Regenerates skin

Renowned for its nourishing, protecting and regenerating properties, argan oil is a great cosmetic activ. It’s ideal to fight against skin ageing signs, and give soupleness to skin and hair. It supports skin tissue healing, limits brown spots development and enables epidermis and dermis restructuration.

Did you know? The actives present in argan oil help lipid production in the epidermis. Lipids are known for skin hydrolipidic film good functioning. It enables skin to produce sebum naturally (essential for the skin) and to increase the levels of nutrients in skin cells. It also enables to maintain skin’s natural hydration, for a soft and supple skin.

Argan oil benefits for face

Argan oil is a great anti-ageing ingredient for the face…but not only ! With almost 75% unsaturated fatty acids, this oil has a repairing, regenerating and nourishing action on the skin. It also stimulates defense mechanisms of the skin and its resistance to external aggressions (cold, sun, wind, temperature variations, etc).

Rich in vitamin E and in sterols, it also has antioxidant properties that enable to fight efficiently against skin ageing, while both stimulating cell renewal and neutralizing free radicals.

Our face skin regenerates constantly in order to create new cells. With time passing, this process takes more time and its intensity diminishes. This is why vegetable oils can be a real boost to stimulate cell renewal. It helps restore skin hydrolipidic film, which is essential to have a hydrated, supple and elastic skin.

Argan oil benefits for the skin :

  • tonifying
  • antioxidant and anti-ageing
  • nourishing and repairing
  • protecting

This precious oil is adapted to all skin types, but particularly to dry and fragile skins, combination skins and to fight against wrinkles. Thanks to its components, argan oil enables to have a firmer and less wrinkled skin. A daily use of anti-ageing vegetable oils such as argan oil or prickly pear seed oil will have a positive effect on skin, and will help it fight against ageing signs.

How to use it as a skincare product ?

Pour 2 drops of vegetable oil in your hands and rub them to naturally heat the oil. Apply the oil in circular movements on your face, on your neck and neckline, from inside out.

huile argan bienfaits visage et cheveux

huile d’argan et huile de figue de barbarie Ayda

Argan oil for hair care

For supple and shining hair, nothing better than vegetable argan oil. Argan oil has a great concentration of benefits for hair. It nourishes and revitalizes hair, and also leaves them strong, soft, shiny and silky.

Moreover, it is particularly recommended for dry, dull and brittle hair, and for damaged ends. It also deeply nourishes hair and strengthens the scalp.

Quick hair care recipe:

To deeply nourish your dry hair, apply 1 tablespoon of argan oil, from roots to ends. Brush your hair to spread the oil, wrap your hair in a hot and damp towel (to help the oil penetrate better) and leave it for at least 2 hours. To remove excess oil, wash your hair with a smooth shampoo.

You can also apply daily and without rinsing some drops of argan oil on your lengths. Heat the oil in your hands and apply on each hair strand, until there is no more oil left in your hands. Your hair will be nourished and shiny, but also stronger and protected against external aggressions… Great for split ends and brittle hair!

Benefits or argan oil on hair:

  • Strengthens and protects
  • Deeply nourishes
  • Adds shine to your hair

Argan oil for body and nails

You are convinced of argan oil benefits on face and hair, but did you know that this oil was also good for your body ? It can be used to prevent stretch marks when your weight changes or during pregnancy, as it improves skin elasticity.

Thanks to its levels of omega 6 (also known as linoleic acid), argan oil has healing and repairing properties on the skin. Perfect if you have burns, scars, chapped skin or skin tightness.

It is also recommended to reinforce fragile, soft and brittle nails. When used regularly, it will make wonders on your nails and cuticles !

Quick recipe for your nails :

Mix a nutshell of argan vegetable oil with 1 drop of lemon essential oil. Use it in the evening (lemon essential oil is photo-sensitive) and massage your nails during a few minutes. Be careful not to touch your eyes or lips after applying this recipe.